Avi with Tuck & Patti

How it all came together?

I remember the day I discovered Tuck and Patti. One of my guitar students put the Love Warriors album on the record player for me. It was like being struck by lightning. “What are those beautiful sounds? What amazing guitar playing and that divine voice! It was way back in the early 90’s and I was a medical student  then.

Much to my delight they included my country on their tour that year, so I traveled 400 kilometers with my guitar on my back to go to their concert.

I was suffering from heartbreak at that concert for personal reasons. Somehow, Patti caught my eye from the stage, she locked her eyes on mine and smiled. I felt like something had caught me by my collar and lifted me up higher and higher….

After the concert they gave a master class. I took the first line and listened to them so carefully. After the class I approached Tuck with my guitar and asked him if he could sign it?  “She is so beautiful, are you sure?” he asked. “You are my Jimi Hendrix,” I said. His autograph is still on my 355 Gibson as a constant reminder of that meeting.

All through the years, Tuck and Patti were like a “Pillar of Fire” to me.

Their honest, powerful music that goes straight into the heart has led me, and has been a part of my life’s soundtrack.

I have kept up a connection with them all through the years, and now I feel so lucky they include me for this sentimental project integrating my words with theirs. 

Thank you for including me, Tuck and Patti.

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