Avi Mashiah Music

A rocker, a composer, a guitar player and a doctor.
The amazing story of Avi Mashiah, a small-town guy that made it against all odds.

What's the story?

Dr. Avi Mashiah is a surgeon, specializing in hand surgery, who treats many artists and athletes in Israel. However, many around him do not know that this is not his only job. Mashiah is also a guitarist and a musician. Through the years Avi has been working as a doctor in parallel with his activity as a musician in the blues and classical rock scene in Israel.

What has Chris Cornell got to do with our story you ask? The Orphans at the Door of the Church is the result of the connection between Mashiah and Bryan Gibson – the American cello player and music producer who accompanied Cornell for the last two-and-a-half years of his life. Gibson also performed with Cornell in two concerts that took place at the Tel Aviv Hall of Culture and Caesarea. The project of the two is dedicated to Cornell and was inspired by him. The songs were written by Mashiah in his memory.

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